We design different options to register at ScieFestival,

the aim is always to step towards different possibilities,

interests, and needs of students....

As we can't satisfy all wishes, we ask to each of you 

to make a step toward us,

So please, try to make a box of your wishes, by choosing 

your best "Box" between those listed below.

Thank you for your collaboration!



* All events, means performances, lectures, exhibitions...




heart combo   450 euro regular price | 400 Early-Bird

lung combo     260 euro regular price |  220 Early-Bird

Monday to Thursday, 

all workshops and all events

chest combo   260 euro regular price | 220 Early-Bird

Thursday to Sunday, 

all workshops and all events

tongue combo 290 euro regular price | 250 Early-Bird

AS morning training 6 days, 

and all events

belly combo    260 euro regular price  | 220 Early-Bird

7 days, all workshops and all even

Corpo Memoria, MIM Workshop, 

and all events

single morning workshop | 3 days                                      100 euro regular price | 80 Early-Bird

afternoon laboratory | 3 days                                             150 euro  regular price | 120 Early-Bird